Surprising and Amazing customer service from Amazon

I always ordered from Flipkart.

Until this one day , I installed the Amazon app just for trying.
So a few days after I installed the app,was just checking the offers and deals on the app where I got to know about the Amazon Treasure Hunt contest(for people who don’t know,its an offer where they provide a clue whose answer is a product and that product’s price is ₹ 1)

They uploaded a new clue every 15 mins and you have to think at the speed of light as the stock finishes in 15-30 seconds.I was addicted to this contest and the whole day I was trying to get something at ₹ 1.That moment finally came when I ordered a Breaking Bad DVD set for just ₹ 1 which also had a DIARY and a T SHIRT included whose actual price was around ₹ 5000 🙂

The order was delivered the next day only ,but when I opened the package I  was surprised that DIARY N T SHIRT were not included.
Being an ardent follower of Breaking Bad, I was very disappointed that the T SHIRT was missing
So I called the customer service and told them about the problem.The lady was very kind and said that they will compensate for it by giving me a gift card of ₹ 300 and hung up and I received it within 1 hour 🙂

The next thing I did was check out the Breaking Bad T shirts on Amazon.And again I was disappointed to find that all T shirts cost more than ₹ 500.So I emailed them once more saying that you compensated very less for the missing items.So this was what I received

I received ₹ 600 more.And this was within 5 minutes of writing my email.I was astonished to see such a rapid and considerate action.

I was the happiest person that day .
It goes to show how Amazon treats its customers, not just a source of earning money but with gratitude and respect.They didn’t need to do that as the product was sold for just ₹ 1 and they could have said that you have got enough for the price you paid but they didn’t  🙂

Sorry Flipkart, you lost a loyal customer that day 😉

(By Rutvik Parekh, Computer Engineering Student from Quora)


5 thoughts on “Surprising and Amazing customer service from Amazon

  1. wait till you recieve a defective product and then see how things work. I have had to wait for three months to get a refund on defective camera battry. The Customer service and A to Z buyer guarantee team all failed. This is the same Amazon you are speaking of. As has been said” the boat can be tested only in stormy seas”. Amazon failed and it is 6 months and I have not even logged onto Amazon sites.


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