Is Google Assistant better that Siri ?

  1. When I asked why it has no fancy name.
  • Bartholomew is an English name derived from Aramaic name meaning “son of talmai”.
  • Where Bar is Aramaic for son and marks patronym (name derived from name of father or ancestors).
  • Talmai comes telem “furrow” or is a herbrew version of Ptolemy or filius.

Source : bartholomew name meaning – Google Search

2. When I asked about the favorite fruit!

Yes assistant I’m glad I asked i thought I was couch potato and had this lines *potato potato ching chang tomato* always running on my mind,some one called me orange ^_^

3. When i was service-zoned!

4. This is why I love google assistant!

6. The bifurcation theory ….

7. That’s a great way to start your day when you exist virtually 😉

8. The new kid of google!

9. Captain america or iron man?

10. You’re always beautiful to some one 😛

11. The back flip..

12. Some more responses for are you better than siri!

13. 😀

14. Such a small world

15. 1,2…

16. The assistant always assures a smile

17. One more…

Source: Quora


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