Breaking Stereotypes – Wow! What an advertisement..

We first saw the following set of images on my Facebook timeline, accompanied by the hash tag #breakingStreotypes. I thought it was a social campaign but when I looked carefully ,turned out it was a series of advertisements for a new website Truly Madly (Truly Madly | Home ), which aims at modern matchmaking based on a compatibility assessment model rather than the societal stereotypes people in India have to encounter when trying to find a match for themselves. I think the idea is truly brilliant and the pictures say a lot.


















The complete campaign consists of about 40 pictures, which can be found here These 40 Pics Break Very Old Indian Stereotypes Which Always Consider People What They Are “Not”.This website is also the source for these.


One thought on “Breaking Stereotypes – Wow! What an advertisement..

  1. This is a brilliant concept and absolutely great pictures with a strong message. Most people label personalities just on a blind basis without understanding the fact that everyone is different in his or her own way. Moreover, people should learn to not to categorize anyone and respect everyone the way they are or want to be.

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