The Gentleman’s cut – Now that’s so clever!

For all the Gentlemen out there I am presenting you –

Gentleman’s cut / Gentleman’s notch / Gentleman’s corner.

Ever noticed that sometimes there is a cut on the heel of some high end formal shoes (sometimes in casual shoes as well)

Yes!! that cut is what I am talking about.

No it is certainly not a defect.

No it is not just a thing you do to make a shoe look elegant.

It serves a purpose and has a very interesting history behind it

Let’s travel back to Victorian era when Men used to take their appearance and dressing style seriously (way too seriously). They noticed that after wearing their attire when they bend to wear a shoe and tie the laces their attire used to get creases and boy they did not like creases so they figured out a way.

They started wearing shoes first and then pants. There was just one big problem, sometimes while wearing the trousers the corner of the heel of shoe used to tear the fibers of the trousers apart.

As a solution of this big problem they introduced a small solution and as you have rightly guessed it till now that’s how this corner cut came into existence.

These cuts were only found in the shoes of very well dressed gentlemen and that’s how it got its name as the Gentlemen Cut.

It amazes me how little information is present about it on web. I found almost nothing when I googled it.

Source: Quora


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