Some really cool features in Cars that you’ll love to experience!

These features are absolutely incredible:

  1. BMW Brake Drying

You know when it’s pouring cats and dogs, the most common advice you hear is not to brake too hard or your car might skid? Well, BMW is ahead of the curve on that one.

Simply put, Brake Drying dries your brakes while you are driving. Activated by your windshield wipers, this new BMW system intermittently moves the brake pads close to the rotors to keep them dry and improve your stopping power in wet weather conditions – in my opinion, this should be a must have in any car because it is a brilliant safety precaution and has the potential to save lives.

2. Honda Lane-watch

Again, another innovative safety feature – Honda has placed a camera on the sideview mirror to help drivers change lanes. Instead of looking in the sideview mirror and glancing over your shoulder (problems because of the infamous blind-spot) you simply turn on your indicator (which activates the camera) and look at your center screen. The camera shows the entire lane next to you, showing you not only what’s in your blind-spot, but also offering guidelines detailing exactly how far you are from other vehicles.

Honda Lane-watch is an amazing system, and I wish all cars offered it.

3. Mercedes-Benz AIRSCARF

Don’t you just hate it when you’re driving in your convertible and you want to put the top down but it’s too cold to do so? It’s a hard-knock life, but Mercedes has found a way to make it easier.

This life-saving system is called AIRSCARF, and it is a built-in heating system that sends warm air – not from the dashboard but rather from the seats’ headrest – onto your neck, hence an air-scarf (it’s a really catchy name honestly I’ll give them that). The result is that you can stay warmer than usual when cruising around in your Mercedes convertible and can put the top down on a cold day. Game-changing isn’t it?

4. Nissan Easy-Fill Tire Alert

Out of all the systems on this list, this is the one that you will probably use the least. Nissan Easy-Fill Tire Alert pretty much takes all the guesswork out of filling your tires. When you fill up your tires, generally it involves filling it up, checking if it’s at the right pressure, filling up some more, – oops too much – taking air back out and so on until your tires are full. Sure, it’s only about once every few months that you fill up your tires, but Nissan has your back.

With this system, this tedious exercise is non-existent. You simply fill up your tires until the horn honks and the headlights light up, indicating the right pressure of air. While it is a novel concept, Nissan customers can rest easy knowing that they’ll be out of the gas station about 27 seconds quicker than their Honda rivals.

5. Subaru-Eyesight

Now this, this is an invention that I would most definetely buy a Subaru for.

The Subaru-Eyesight offers a wide range of modern features, such as adaptive cruise control, lane-departure warning, a blind spot monitoring system and rear cross traffic alert. Yes that’s all fine and dandy, but that’s not the real reason I would get a Subaru.

The Subaru-Eyesight basically has a feature that switches on when the car isn’t moving, and alerts you when cars around you start to move. When is this useful?

Picture this. You come to a full stop at a red light. You are the first one in line. Your phone beeps as a text message comes in. You pick it up (Disclaimer: I don’t text and drive…maybe) and read the message you received. All of a sudden, the guy behind you is honking like the world is about to come to an end because Godzilla is coming behind him and he doesn’t want to die and you look up from your phone – startled as fu*k – and you realize that he’s honking because the light turned green a second ago and then you become angry as f-

The Subaru-Eyesight beeps when the cars next to you begin moving because the light turned green so you can look up from your phone and start driving again. Get it.

6. Volvo Drowsiness Detection

This is another potential life-saving feature – this time designed by Volvo. As you can probably see from the picture, this system alerts the driver when he or she seems to be drowsy and needs to rest before continuing to drive. But how does it do it?

Well, Volvo Drowsiness Detection features a rear facing camera that scans the driver and monitors eye and head movement to see if you’re too drowsy to be driving. Chances are that at that point, you’re already aware that you are too sleepy to be driving, but it definitely helps to have an outside source confirm it, and this comes in definite handy if you’re driving alone.

These are some absolutely incredible inventions, and while some may be over the top (read: AIRSCARF), many of these are dire safety features that should be included in all vehicles.

Source: Quora


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