Some dressing hacks everyone should know..

Men’s Shirts

Fit your shirt to your shoulders.

A men’s shirt fits if the seam sits at the point of the shoulders.

Most men will select a shirt that matches their “size” which is the neck measurement, but, if the shoulder seams do not sit like they do in the image above then you need a different shirt!

The fit you choose should match your preferred style and body type but should not be pulling at the buttons or bunching/billowing at the sleeves or waist.

Note above that although the shirts fit differently, the neck size is the same and shoulder seams are correct.

Coordinating With Your Outfit

The fit of your shirt, besides matching your body type should be consistent with your pant fit. You should not wear a slim shirt with relaxed pants and vice-versa. I would argue this is true with the width of your tie as well.

A neck tie should always reach to just about the belt buckle as it does in the 3rd picture above. The middle picture should probably be with a slimmer tie and it should hang lower.

Someone else posted about shirt tucking so I’ll skip that except to say to remember to keep the front of the shirt in line with the zip of the pants.

These rules hold true for casual clothes as well with the exception of baggy clothes styles where the shoulder seam can sit beyond the actual point of the shoulder.

Source : Quora

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