Lesser known people of India.. Do Read.. Faith on humanity restored!

Narayanan Krishnan – A Madurai born Indian chef.

He was living as a successful chef in Taj hotels, Bangalore.

He was even short listed for an elite job in Switzerland.

But a final visit to his home before heading to Europe changed his life forever.

He was heading to a temple in his car when he saw an old man under a bridge. Little did he know that this man was going to change his life forever.

The old man was pretty weak and he was so hungry that he was eating his own human waste for food.

That one incident haunted him so much that he decided to quit his job, and decided to serve the poor and mentally ill people.

In 2003 he founded a non profitable Akshaya Trust.

Till now he has served around 2 million meals to the homeless.

He also carries comb, scissors and razors and gives them free hair cuts.

He sleeps in Akshaya’s modest kitchen along with his co workers.

Since investing his entire savings in 2003, he has taken no salary till date.

The malayalam movie “Ustad Hotel” is based on his life.

Be the change you want to see in this world.” He proved it with his life.

I would like to quote one the question he asked the viewers in one of his interviews. “I would like to ask you a question that as an individual what you did. As an individual what impact have you created for society? You will see in the roadside, a BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, but on the same day you will see a homeless person. There is no bun, no burger for this person. You drive by in a Mercedes, but do you see the beggar on the sidewalk?”

In 2010, he was awarded the CNN heroes award.

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Edit 1: Below is link to a Ted Talk given by Narayanan Krishnan. Thank you Prakhar Goel for sharing it with us.

The Joy Of Giving : Narayanan Krishnan at TEDxGateway



The day when my heart melted!

She came in as a 3-day old puppy some 2 years back.She was brought home by my dad in the smallest bag that was at home.She was so cute that my sister loved her the most.My mom hardly bothered to look at her.I liked her too but not as much as my sister did (I still feel bad for not having taken a picture of that cute looking puppy).Now she has grown up so big that she could not be accomodated inside the largest bag that we have.Julie has not bit anybody since birth and I haven’t tested it on anybody ofcourse (apadi oru adimai ya thaan thaedikitu irukaen).By the way,she leads a sophisticated and contented life at my house and with no doubt I can assure that she would not have enjoyed her life like this if she had gone elsewhere.
                    For your disbelief,let me tell you about the lifestyle of Julie at my house.She will not stand while eating (paduthukitae thaan saapudum–A fact,true to the best of my knowledge),if it’s sunny outside then she would come and take rest inside the house with a bottle of refrigerated water (Mind you! This is not just to exaggerate her) being offered by my mom and believe it or not–at times she would spend the whole night inside the A.C room along with my dad,on grounds that it will get frightened if somebody bursts crackers outside (WTF!).There is a big story behind such loads of affection being showered on her.Before that,let me tell you something funny that happened after the inclusion of Julie into the family.
                    It was the occasion of my cousin sister’s marriage that my house was flooded with relatives and my other cousins.We were actually a joint family once and I have quite a large number of cousins and they were all present for the wedding.One sunny afternoon we all had our lunch and we were chatting to glory on the terrace under a small shade.My mom came up to dry out the clothes and we didn’t bother to notice her and we were busy chatting,having met after years together.Suddenly I heard my mom yelling at a distance and running towards us pointing to something with a frightened look covering her face.We were puzzled to see her this way.As my mom came closer I could slightly hear traces of a sentence shouting–“Ada paavingala aen da aen pilla ya ipdi veyil la nikka vitrukeenga…..”.I was actually standing in the sun when she said that.My cousins–“cha paasatha poliyuraangalae da mapla…”.Saying this my mom came towards me,sped past me in no time and she swiftly loosened the chain in which julie was tied near me (kaatu bun enaku! She actually meant julie who was standing in the sun and by the way she didn’t notice me standing in the crowd) and she was about to return back the same way with the same speed and acceleration.Only when she turned back she noticed that I was standing along with the group of cousins in the sun and in no time that my mom confessed about not seeing me,that each and everyone in the spot were laughing like anything and neither could I control my laughter (Avlo thaan sethaen).But it was all part of the fun.I told this just to show you the heights of affection for julie and nothing else.Eager to know the reason behind?
                     Here it is–Before a few months prior to the above incident–One bright morning,julie showed some signs of strange behaviour and she couldn’t stand on her feet and her face looked pale and she was frowning.My mom and dad were very much bothered to see her this way and infact my dad didn’t go to office that day.We took her or to say we carried her to a private veterinary clinic and they examined her and told that this was a kind of food adulteration and she has to be admitted there for atleast a week.They also added that glucose has to be injected in sufficient quantities,as she was so weak after the infection (apadiyae manushangaluku solra madhiriyae sonnaenga…adhu endha alavuku unmai nu idhu varaikum yaarukum theriyaadhu).Anyway,we admitted her and she was put inside a cage after which we started off from the clinic.All were very sad at home thinking of what julie was up to.
                     Somehow we managed to wile away the week and we went to bring back julie home and to our surprise she was still the same.She was sleeping inside the cage with her legs shivering like anything and when she heard us,she slowly opened her eyes,wagged her tail and she could not get on her feet.The cage was narrow but somewhat longer.She was lying at the farther end of the cage and was struggling to come to the other end,where we were waiting with our arms stretched towards the cage.She was actually crawling her way to the door of the cage.After a long way down the cage she reached the door and my mom and sister touched her affectionately.No sooner had they touched than julie started to literally shed tears.It was crying out.(A mixed emotion of surprise,astonishment,love,compassion and affection swirled the place).I couldn’t believe my eyes.All of a sudden my mom and sister started to weep.Uncontrolled tears ran through my cheeks (since then I haven’t shed tears for anything this emotional).This was the incident that changed the face of julie at home.By god’s grace she was alright after a few days.To say,Julie won our hearts.
 Dictum: Even after this would you expect me to believe the fact that dogs don’t possess the sense of thought?….Never ! You should have seen how it expressed its love and affection.Just the shelter that we provide her has been paid back in the form of love and affection.It’s something great and memorable that I cant remember to forget in my life.