Boys to Men — Conversion in progress

Here are some productive habits that change boys into men..

Be mature.

  1. Instead of your dad, you ask your sister how she is, how she’s been doing, whether she needs something
  2. Remind your parents that they need to walk daily, take their medicines on time, ask them to take food on time and eat fruits.
  3. When you are at home, make sure everything is working fine. You should lock the door at night.
  4. Manage your family’s expenses. Learn if you could contribute to any of the insurance policies.
  5. Make sure you teach them something which has a generation gap. Teach them how to use a smartphone, or how to make a call over Whatsapp, how they can search devotional videos over YouTube.
  6. Do things for them which they missed out on doing because they were busy raising you up. Take them for a vacation, or buy them clothes or footwear they like.

The Book of Man


Less Choice – More happiness; Enjoy Life

I have too much stuff! I was like when I first read this book Last year.

12 years ago , an American psychologist , argued that if we eliminate choices from our life , we will become happy and contended at what we chose. His name was Barry Schwartz.

He explained that when you have a variety of choices in front of you , it becomes difficult for you to choose , you become confused and bewildered. And, even after taking a decision, you are less satisfied with your choice.

He supported his thesis by citing studies , that indicated people are less likely to buy a product when faced with too many choices. And he clearly stipulated that Culture of Abundance robs us of satisfaction.

Schwartz focused on two basic ways of making decisions :

– Maximizing : trying to make the very best possible choice.
– Satisfying : making a choice that will do well enough, without worrying whether something better is out there.

In simple words , you are a maximizer if you won’t buy an item til you are sure it’s the best in the world: when you finally buys, aren’t all that happy with the goods. I am a satisficer, and when an item meets my needs, I buy it.
The Paradox of Choice shows how too much choice may make some people very unhappy and reluctant to choose anything.

See Mark Zuckerberg’s wardrobe :

Here’s Barack Obama talking about his outfit choices:

You’ll see I wear only gray or blue suits. I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.

Steve Jobs was known for wearing a black turtleneck, blue jeans, and sneakers.

Albert Einstein bought several versions of the same gray suit.

I experienced it when I was going to buy headphones. Shopkeeper showed me 4 headphones. All were in the same range of price. So I was not supposed to choose considering my budget because all were going to cost me same. So I choose one. But after getting home I had other choices coming up in my mind and I was like ; Why didn’t I choose the black one.

Similarly , another example from daily life , lets say when I am going to watch a movie , and there are 3 possible choices. And I chose one. After 10 or 15 minutes I am like I should try another !

SO , you see that having a plethora of choices can lead to worry.

In a short chapter , ‘What to Do About Choice’ , he addressed issues of choice and happiness , comparisons (we make) , opportunities (we miss) , depression (as the consequences) and other psychological issues.

Key Lessons from this book for you :

– Decide what your need/want:

Take a decision before buying or choosing anything that what do you really want. List your needs. Be very specific.

– Consume lesser amount of time.

When you consider fewer options , it will definitely save your time.

– Simplify your Life

Simplify your life by having always fewer options for everything. Don’t make your life complex by stuffing your mind with useless options.

– Prefer Sense of well-being to Abundance of choice.

An abundance of choice is increasing our levels of anxiety and depression. The Sense of well-being should be your first choice. Don’t admire if someone has the abundance of choices from one extreme to another extreme. It does not work always. 

Highly Recommended :

In modern society, we are faced with an almost infinite number of choices every day. Advertisements bombard us constantly, pressuring us emotionally and psychologically over the decisions we make.

– How to chose ?

– What to chose first and what to not agonize over ?

This book does an excellent job of answering these questions. Highly recommended.

Conclusion :

This book made me realize how complex I have made my life in previous years which have always resulted in unnecessary worry. This book suggests you set high standards , without becoming a maximizer.

Source: Self projections